Walkie Type Fully Stacker

Walkie Type Fully Stacker

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Model No.SE-113

SHREEJI economy power stacker is an effective solution for warehouse applications. The economy series electric stacker is the most reasonable, simplest and most effective stacking solution for warehouse applications. Ideal solution for light-duty applications, perfect alternative to manual and semi electric stacker

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aracteristics Drive Unit   Electric
Operator Type   Walkie
Capacity kg 1500
Laod Center Distance mm 600
Wheel Base mm 1231
Weight ServiceWeight (With Battery) kg 445
ServiceWeight (Without Battery) kg 315
Wheel Tyre Type Driving Wheels/ Laoding Wheels   PU
Size of Loading Wheels mm ⌀78
Size of Driving Wheels mm ⌀210
Size of Balance Wheel mm ⌀180
Wheel Quantiy pcs 4
Specification Lift Height mm 3000
Mast Lower Height mm 2035
Mast Extend Height mm 3500
Lowered Height mm 85
Overall Length mm 1720
Length to Face of Forks mm 355
Overall Width mm 800
Fork Dimensions (W*L) mm 54*160*1150
Width across Forks mm 540/680
Lowered Height of Forks mm 90
Clearance mm 30
Aisle Width of Pallets (1000*1200 mm) mm 2256
Aisle Width of Pallets  mm 2184
(800*1200 mm)    
Minimum Truning Radius mm 1390
Performance Travelling Speed, Laden / Unladen km/h 3.5/4.0
Lifting Spees, Laden/Unladen mm/s 95/134
Lowering Speed, Laden/Unladen mm/s 130/94
Max. Grade Ability, Laden/Unladen % 05/07
Service Brake Type   Electronic
Electric Engine Driving Motor kw 0.65
Liftin Motor kw 1.5
Battery Voltage / Capacity V/ah 24/75
Battery Size mm (260*172*214)*2