Drum Handler

Drum Handler

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Model No.SE-122

Shreeji a Drum handler is a piece of mechanical equipment that is used to securely grip, lift and transport cylindrical modules such as steel drums, barrels, plastic drums and fiber drums. It has spring-loaded metal arms to create a tight and secure grip.

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  • Tilting angle : 0 degree to 360 degree.
  • Movement direction mode : Vertical.
  • Structure: simplex single mast structure made from heavy duty ‘c’ channel section. It would be supported by heavy-duty deep grooved guide rollers. Forks lifting would be by means of 2 nos. Duplex chain & design pulley.
  • Drum tilting: drum lifter cum tilter that is constructed using high quality solid steel that provides stability during transit. The drum pouring angle and height can be controlled while dispensing. The drum can be rotated 360° with the help of a manual locking device.
  • Wheel
    • 8” x 2” nylon swivel castor wheel.
    • With 6204zz double ball bearing.
  • Paint : auto-finish paint.