Vertical Drum Tilter

Vertical Drum Tilter

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Model No.SE-129

The drum cranes is an overhead crane equipped with drum hoist for your material handling. The Drum Hoist Crane is used to wind the rope and pass the driving force of the prime mover to the wire rope while turning the prime mover into a linear motion.

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  • Capacity: 400 kgs.
  • For Lifting of Std. 210 liters MS and HDPE Drums
  • All Steel Construction; Easy Moves and Handles open or closed head.
  • Easy to Use with Overhead hoist or with Fork Lift.
  • Allows quick and gentle loading into over packs and keep drums
  • Upright during lift, reducing spills and injuries
  • tilting arrangement by chain Systems.
  • Drum Rotating will be done through Gear Box having 3 meter chain connected through it.
  • Rotation 360 Degree.