Drum Lifting Clamp

Drum Lifting Clamp

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Model No.SE-130

The Vertical Drum Lifter Three Point barrel grab from LES is well suited to lifting and handling 55 gallon drums up to 360kg. Fitted with a steel pin to allow for attachment to crane or hoist. Superb value and excellent construction with welded gripping hooks for extra stability.

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Application :

  • Moving of Drums/Barrels in Vertical Position
  • Use for loading unloading Drums from vehicle, Vertical Stacking Drum one over the other

Product Description :

  • Vertical Drum Lifter use for easy lifting and transporting of Drum with Help of EOT Crane, Chain pulley block or forklift attachment
  • Allows quick, gentle loading and keeps drums upright during lift, reducing spills and injuries. All-steel construction.
  • Loading Capacity : 500 Kgs